Are You Ready to Relax?

The effects of tension and stress can damage your body and state of mind to the point of dis-ease, but us clever humans have figured out many ways to relax and regroup to live healthier, happier, more productive lives.  Vibrational Sound Therapy is a great modality that uses Himalayan singing bowls directly on your body to induce a deep relaxation, almost a meditative state.  After placing the bowls on your body the practitioner taps the bowls gently to achieve maximum vibration and evenly timed to achieve a sort of brain entrainment.  This helps you to let go of whatever stress you may be holding on to, which gives your body time to heal and your mind time to let go of the day.

While receiving relaxation through VST muscle tension is seen to decrease, the mind becomes calm, blood pressure decreases, and the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to stress seem to melt away. Vibrational sound therapy with Himalayan singing bowls is non-invasive, gentle, rhythmic, and soothing.  Clients can get so relaxed they fall asleep.

VST is used for:

-Quickly introducing deep meditative states

-Reducing depression and sleep issues

-Easing blockages and tension

-Brain Entrainment

-Reduction in stress

-Raising focus, and gaining a clear mind

-Calming the mind, body, and spirit in conjunction

-Boosting Creativity

Each session can be customized for each client and can go for as little as a half hour or as long as an hour.  Comfort and trust is key for complete relaxation, and I aim to achieve both with you.  I have a cushy portable massage table and my bowls travel with me easily!  I can come to you, or if you need a complete change of location you can come to me.