Valorie, your bowl lady, was trained and certified by Jeff Howard, the creator and president of the Vibrational Sound Association.  The VSA is the first to offer this style of singing bowl therapy, designed with professional healers and practitioners in mind.  This modality of on-the-body singing bowl vibration is now used in spas, hospitals, massage therapy clinics and more, and is growing in the field stress relief and trauma healing.

Jeff Howard and Shane Critel, the director of VSA, are dedicated to helping the VSA evolve in the energetic, mental, and physical healing fields.  Jeff has spent the past 15 years learning about sound therapy and it’s many styles.  He travels to countries like Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand and China to research and adopt ancient sound healing methods, and explores modern western techniques to combine old with new and adapt the use of Himalayan singing bowls into a modality that works for a myriad of health issues.  Jeff enjoys teaching what he’s learned, sharing his enthusiasm, hopes, and dreams for the future of singing bowls and vibratory sound therapy.  Open to all experiences, Jeff is perfecting his craft by designing the special bowls that are used and sold by VSA, making sure every trainee meets his high standards, and keeping a close eye on the quality of every tool that goes through the VSA.  He enjoys incorporating instruments like gongs, drums, crystal singing bowls, tingshas, and chimes into sound healing baths and concerts, and encourages each practitioner trainee to use their imagination and healing skills to personalize their VST practice.

Every new practitioner brings his or her own healing expertise into the practice of healing with VST, vibrational sound therapy.  Reiki practitioners, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, therapists who are dedicated to healing veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, acupuncturists, and more, find sound healing a great addition to their practices.  VST is relaxing and enjoyable for the practitioner as well as the client.

Valorie is a level three Reiki practitioner and uses her Reiki skills to enhance her client’s experience.  She has been known to heat up with Reiki energy as her client relaxes and floats around in la-la land.  She enjoys working with people, but has a passion for animals, and is hoping to incorporate VST into her pet relaxation practice as animal companions have been known to take on their people’s stress and anxiety.  Rescued animals can collect their own traumatic experiences, anxieties, and fears, and Valorie is dedicated to helping them as she helps their adopting parents.