The Primary Tool is the Bowl

Actually, I use more than one.  The main bowls are the three shown above in the header.

Made of bronze and meticulously hand-hammered by artisans in the Himalayas, vibration therapy singing bowls are specifically designed for a pure tone and clean, long lasting vibration.  Though the therapy bowls come in specific sizes and densities, each bowl is a unique work of art and has unique sound and vibration capabilities.

Here is a video demonstrating the process.  Though the video is not in English and is not specific to vibration therapy bowls, the recorded process of creating a bowl is fascinating and shows the talent of craft that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Though ordinary bronze bowls are beautiful in their own way, vibration therapy bowls start with a specifically modified metal mixture of resonant alloy and are hammered to specific sizes.  Then they are each smoothed and hand polished to define overtones and allow the dominant tone of the bowl to stand out.

Every practitioner I’ve met spent a lot of time picking out their bowls.  Some chose theirs for the sound, some for the vibration; I chose mine for both.  If I tap them just right with my custom made mallet I can create a sound that soothes the mind as the bowls work together to vibrate in a seemingly circular and connected way, which to me feels much like the push and pull of ocean waves on your body.

And yes, I said tap.

With regular (though far from ordinary) Tibetan singing bowls you rub the rims to make them sing.  Vibrational Sound Therapy involves gently tapping the bowls while on the client’s body.  This helps to relax the muscles of the body as the mind of the client relaxes into the regular beat and tone of the bowl in a sort of brain entraining, hypnotic way.  She lets go and enters a relaxing alpha state as her body releases any stress that it was holding on to.

Here is a great video that explains the process very well and demonstrates the process.

It is a sound massage that is easy and very beneficial for both the client and the practitioner.