Session lengths and styles range due to the individuality of each client, but each one usually lasts an hour, give or take a few minutes.  I like to assess my client’s needs for that day and adjust my bowl and Reiki tactics accordingly, and sometimes the client needs to come back to reality gently and peacefully after the session before they move on with their day, especially if they’ve fallen asleep.  I also like to give time to discuss “A-hah!” insights that frequently come up during the session, either by me or my client.  It is a healing process, after all.

I’m going to keep my fees simple, but if you have questions I will be ready to answer them.

I can work solely on the back of your body or the front of your body for approximately 50 minutes, or both sides, which takes a little longer.  Sometimes I’ll add a little crystal work, with your permission, and I’m experimenting with audio frequencies designed to relax you even more.

I can also offer a remote Reiki healing session, to amplify your healing experience.

Come to Me

If you decide to come to my table:

$55.00 for an hour

$150 for a package of 3 sessions

I Come to You

I have a portable massage table so I can come to you:

$65.00 for an hour

$180 for a package of 3 sessions

If you have your own table and I come to you:

$60.00 for an hour

$165 for a package of 3 sessions

Party Time

Would you like to host a “Bowl Party”?  Get your friends and family together, I’ll bring my bowls plus some other fun sound-bath toys, and let’s play!  It’s a good way for me to demonstrate how vibratory sound therapy helps people, as you have fun tapping into your inner child, making music and playing with the bowls.

The host or hostess will receive a gift of a small singing bowl, about 4 inches in diameter, in gratitude for the use of your home and the success of a healing experience for all.