What People are Saying

After their first session, I asked my clients what they thought.


After a short out-of-body experience, Michele said, “WOW…Unbelievable!  Amazing!  I can’t wait for another session.”

Ann said, “Felt very connected, mind and body. Incredibly relaxed on a very deep level.  The experience felt almost ‘primal,’ as it made me aware of old physical injuries from my childhood. I now have a way to address those old injuries. Thank you! Can’t wait for the next session.”

Ben said, “I needed relaxation from pregnant wife stress and too much desk work. I feel much better and more calm. Sending Megan soon! Thanks Val!!”

David, who came in a happy-zen state already, thought the experience was, “Very relaxing.  I fell asleep.”  He was surprised to feel tingling in his shoulders when I tapped the bowls on his feet.

Andy, who came with tense back muscles, found himself zoning out immediately.  I chose to focus on his back because of his discomfort and he found his muscles had relaxed completely by the end of the session.  He said, “I felt the ripples of vibration throughout my body.”

Renee had a hard day at work and was tense and apprehensive by the time she got to my table.  After her session she decided she was happy to have come. “The soreness in my neck is gone and I feel relaxed and energized at the same time.”

Will they come back for more?

Oh, yeah.